Online Training 

Please choose from the online sessions below.



Beginners Sessions (2.5 hrs)

  • This session is for people that have not used Crisisworks before, who, do have emergency management training.
  • This hands-on session will cover creating records in the core modules with some discussion and demonstration of other areas of the system for familiarity reasons in case they need to use them.

You will be required to watch the beginners training video first

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Recovery Manager (2.5 hrs)

This session will summarise the material in the beginner’s session and cover many areas for the effective relief & recovery of a large disaster New Relief Module

  • New security policies 
  • Classifications 
  • Reporting
  • importing data
  • Advanced searches
  • Managing SIA
  • Working with geospatial areas.
  • Managing needs & tasks & bulk actions
  • Working with external agencies
  • Rostering & Timesheets
  • Q & A

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System Admin (2.5 hrs)

This advanced session is for the Crisisworks System Administrators

  • Creating & editing positions
  • Importing users
  • Managing users
  • Recovery security policies (new)
  • Importing Data
  • Exporting Data
  • Working with geospatial areas
  • Enabling public offers and public ERC forms to be linked to a new event
  • Q & A

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