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Inspect, manage and mitigate location-specific risks with an integrated solution.

Ongoing risk and hazard management across your locality has never been easier with this tailored Crisisworks solution covering the ISO 31000 risk management process lifecycle from identification through to analysis, evaluation, treatment, monitoring and review.

Tailored to different contexts, Crisisworks is a trusted and effective system for conducting field inspections, organising and capturing field intelligence including geospatial, multimedia and structured data, managing and ranking risks, and implementing strict workflow to consistently evaluate, treat, and track risks, vulnerabilities, hazards, non-compliance and other risks.

Crisisworks can span multiple organisations, agencies and contractors to implement a complete and integrated solution for locality-based risk management, and has advanced security options to ensure privacy, confidentiality and access where appropriate.

Inspections:  Field officers can conduct inspections across large areas tracking their routes, collecting structured intelligence, capturing evidence and relating this data to private and public property databases using an easy map interface, even when offline. Geographical tracking provides “follow-me” map annotations to automatically capture the extent of an issue, and photos, audio and video can capture and attach evidence.

Compliance: Crisisworks makes follow-up inspections, compliance notices and ongoing monitoring easy with its inbuilt suite of tools, and imports, exports and integrations align data to other systems. Compliance notices can be generated and sent, and full lifecycle workflow ensures non-compliant activities are dealt with in a systematic way.

Treatment: Following ISO 31000 principles and tailored workflow rules, treatments can be planned and delegated to both internal officers and external contractors. Track resource usage, costs, chemicals and residual risks, and automatically capture a complete audit including geospatial and time-tagged photos before and after the treatment as well as time sheets, involved officers and decisions made.

Vulnerability & Residual Risk: Ongoing vulnerability can be tracked and managed both as part of the risk management process and with standalone vulnerability registers for specific contexts. Periodic, required reviews, exception reporting and secure, multi-agency access ensure your risk profile is always up to date and easy to action in times of need.

“Having our contractors use the mobile App to record their work allows us to track roadside weed control works in real time, providing greater accountability and transparency. We’ve also had positive feedback from our contractors, who’ve even recommended the App to other councils.”  

Kristie King – Corangamite Shire Council, Victoria

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