Field Inspections

  • Risk and Hazard Reporting

  • Compliance Inspections

  • Assessments

  • Contractor Assignment

  • Map Annotations

  • Online and Offline Assets

  • Photos, Videos and Audio Capture

  • Customised Forms and Workflows

  • Real-Time Data Sharing

  • Audited History

Crisisworks is your complete, digital solution for conducting and managing field operations and inspections.

Designed for use in the field and in your office, Crisisworks improves coordination, makes data collection and job tracking in the field a snap, effortlessly compiles and analyses collected data, and provides a full audit capability for compliance with standards.


Designed to the principles of AIIMS, incident command and an all hazards approach, Crisisworks provides enhanced situational awareness and a common operating picture with messaging and mapping.

Crisisworks is used for emergency coordination, recovery, risk and continuity management by organisations across multiple industries including more than 75 Australian local governments and utilities, and more than 300 health service providers.

Crisisworks provides a full lifecycle management system behind a highly secure web and mobile platform with advanced security features including duty tracking, multiple positions, multi-event participation and cross-agency access. Crisisworks supports out-of-the-box incident management along with tailored workflow and data management to suit your needs.

Inspect & Capture: Collect information and capture evidence in the field, from relief and recovery centres, and from other systems via interoperability.

Evaluate & Organise: Information is managed with status, assignment, priority, structured data and geospatial attributes, and tailored workflows allow related tasks to be created and managed independently to the captured intelligence.

Delegate, Communicate & Monitor: Tasks can be created and assigned to officers and contractors. Information can be published via email, SMS and web to on duty and on call users.

Review & Report: Detailed reporting analyses your data and provides snapshot reporting of your event, and this data can then be shared with others.

Outside of emergencies, Crisisworks is also the place to store, manage and share your procedures, policies, plans, job descriptions, contacts and other important documentation.

Keep your contact lists up to date and readily available from your mobile phone; maintain your resources lists and contractors with their agreed charge rates, grouped into categories for easy activation; and use templates to automate and standardise the activation and operation of your crisis operation centre.

We have used Crisisworks for our Municipal Risk program for 3-4 years, it saves us lots of time from start to end, especially with the subcontractor management. Saving the routes and selecting nearby assets visually are a couple of our favourite features .”  

Paul Tandberg – Emergency Management Officer, Baw Baw Shire Council, Victoria

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