• Track and Manage Affected People

  • Online & Offline Geospatial Assets

  • Damage & OHS Assessments

  • Affected Agriculture & Livestock

  • Psychological First Aid

  • Relief & Evacuation Centres

  • Follow-up Services and Tasks

  • Rostering

  • Photos, Videos & Audio capture

  • Safety & Route Tracking

  • Audit & Reports

Crisisworks Recovery is your complete, digital solution for managing your recovery efforts from the of capture of data in the field to full case management and reporting.

Crisisworks Recovery handles multiple aspects of recovery to capture, manage and report on: infrastructure assessments of organisational assets; environmental health assessment; affected people; affected private property; affected private assets; damaged agriculture; affected livestock and follow-up services.  Others can be added or tailored to you needs.

Crisisworks also provides a full set of tools to track estimated costs against actual costs, to provide a complete picture of the full cost of recovery. This helps make decisions more quickly and accurately, plus it reduces the burden of compliance and reconciliation for post-recovery audits and funding reimbursements.

An investment of thousands will save money, improve operations and make the recovery of millions more certain.


Wye River Fires 2015
Wye River  & Separation Creek:  Christmas Day 2015
Colac Otway Shire, Victoria

With damage spanning 500 properties, 1500 assets, 1000 people and requiring over 700 discrete services, Crisisworks has been integral in managing the multi-year recovery of Wye River.

Environmental Health and Building Assessment teams conducted onsite inspections and uploaded their findings in real time to allow the recovery centre to quickly view the damage and effectively plan and manage the relief and recovery efforts.

Comprehensive data included affected people, public and private assets, insurance details, follow-up services required and geospatial data, and specialised Crisisworks forms, workflows and reports provided a full lifecycle to capture, manage and recover the municipality’s residents, visitors, property and assets.

East Gippsland Floods
East Gippsland Shire Council:  5  floods in 5 years

East Gippsland has used the full power of Crisisworks to manage the full lifecycle of their municipal recovery.
With Crisisworks, East Gippsland effectively captured and managed evidence and costs across multiple, simultaneous events to be successful with multi-million dollar NDRRA claims, all at a lower compliance cost than prior methods.

Cyclone Debbie 2017
North Queensland: March 2017
Uniting Care, Queensland

Unitingcare deployed staff and volunteers to 9 sites to provide psychological first aid following cyclone Debbie.

Volunteers entered in their availability with Crisisworks using their own smartphones, enabling administrators easy and effective rostering of multiple teams across multiple locations.

Once onsite, Crisis Support Officers used tablets to enter their community interactions, service referrals and reports directly into Crisisworks, enabling real time reporting up to the Queensland State Government each day. Tailored reports and graphs then enabled a single click collation of data from over 700 records across all 12 sites and over 50 staff and volunteers.

The deployment ran very smoothly using Crisisworks, which was a huge relief compared to how they ‘coped’ during the previous large scale cyclones.

“I love Crisisworks, I had never used it before this emergency just like the team I needed to manage. It made our life easy, and the staff prefer it over paper too!
Before Crisisworks we had to work extra hours each day collating data and sending numerous large spreadsheets around with rosters. But not anymore!

Di Giliespe – Uniting care team leader and CSO, Queensland

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