Victorian Common FPN Requirements

Since 2012  over 15 councils that have used the FPN module, during that time we have devised a common workflow and FPN core features which satisfy all councils, however, there are two main differences in all of the council’s FPN modules implementation of FPN, which results in multiple different editions of the same module.

By creating a common module for all councils, we can reduce support, and technical maintenance and therefore offer it as a FREE module for existing Victorian Crisisworks Councils. In order to achieve this goal, there are 2 main items to get common agreement on.


Common Agreement 1

Have a standard list of checkbox items that will cater for all councils, even if the final solution is to have 15 items to pick from where your council only needs 4 of them, users could just ignore the ones they don’t need.

This image below shows three examples of the different FPN non-compliance items (checklist)

Note that the text descriptions used are complete sentences, as they need to be inserted into the letters that are generated.


Common Agreement 2

When letters are printed or exported for printing, a defult number of days is added to the next action date such as 14 days or 21 days. (After this date, it the status changed to compliance inspection required)

This needs to be the same for everyone for the free module.
Note: You can apply a bulk edit and set the due date to whatever you want as a manual step after you print/export.



* As of May 2018, this module will be included FREE as a standard module for all existing Crisisworks local governments clients.

A setup fee of at least $500 + GST will apply for a DIY setup. However, if Datalink is required to do the work for you, additional costs may apply.  If any customisations are required then an annual licence fee for your own custom module will apply.

* NOTE: For the FREE annual licence of this additional module, customers are expected to help themselves as much possible with online documentation and videos. While support is available, a reasonable use policy applies so excessive support may be charged at hourly rates.


Here is the Online Documentation for the fire prevention notices module.